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Our Pool Enclosures & Rescreening Service in Fort Myers, FL

Seaview Screen Service can build patio and pool enclosures that are engineered to withstand 150-mile-an-hour winds. Contact us to learn more about our rescreening service in Fort Myers, FL.

Pool Enclosures:

  • Rescreened – complete rescreen or partial
  • Repaired – rusted screws replaced, cables replaced, damage from storms or other causes
  • Replaced – older enclosures replaced with structures, shapes, and designs

Screen Patios:

  • Screen roof patios
  • Aluminum roof patios & carports
  • Elite roofs

Front Entry Ways:

  • Screen entries with standard or designer doors

Windows in Patios & Porches:

  • Vinyl windows – keep out nearly all the rain
  • Acrylic windows – more security than vinyl

An Efficient Rescreening Service

If your pool screen is broken and torn, it can put a damper on the outdoor experience for you and your family. The good news is, we’re here and ready to help. Our efficient rescreening service in Fort Myers, FL, will help you fall in love with your outdoor space again.

There are more reasons that the appearance of your screens to take advantage of our quality services. When the wind is up, leaves and branches, loose garbage and even bugs in the area can end up in your calming oasis if there are holes in your enclosure. This type of debris not only makes your pool look unsightly but it can damage it.

Keeping Your Private Space More Private

Along with the practical reasons to ensure your pool screen enclosure is sound, privacy is also an excellent reason to call us to fix your broken screens. This is your space, and you don’t want to have kids or animals randomly wandering into the pool when you aren’t using it. Keeping the enclosure secure will prevent this from happening.

Our team at Seaview Screen Service has the experience and expertise to ensure the correct screening is put in place and that it is secure. You can have peace of mind knowing that your relaxation spot will be taken care of correctly. Once our job is done, you will be able to have that get together with friends or enjoy some quality time with your family in the comfort of your enclosed patio or pool.

Contact our efficient team today to schedule our repair or installation services. We proudly serve customers in Fort Myers, FL, and the surrounding area.